Mission Integration Awards

Mission Integration Awards


As the voice for student affairs professionals in Catholic higher education, ASACCU annually presents the Best Practices in Mission Integration awards to highlight and recognize best practices in various student affairs areas. The programs that are recognized each year intentionally articulate Catholic identity as an integral part of a student affairs program. Through the mutual sharing of ideas and their practical applications, ASACCU hopes to foster dialogue to deepen our members’ understanding of the interplay between Catholic identity and the ever-changing complexity of contemporary circumstances and student experiences on our campuses.

The categories for the Mission Integration Awards submissions are:

  • Dean of Students, Residence Life, Health & Wellness, and related
  • Student Activities, Leadership, Orientation, and related
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and related
  • Integration of Principles of Good Practice

Programs submitted for consideration should be original to your campus. Programs that are developed based on common curriculum and objectives, especially as developed by outside vendors or companies, will not be considered. Each individual submission should be made in only one category.

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By recognizing certain practices or programs as excellent, we issue a challenge to student affairs professionals at Catholic institutions to provide exemplary service to our students. We hope you accept this invitation and submit your good work as a best practice of Catholic student affairs. We would encourage practitioners who have submitted projects in the past and were not selected to reapply as many of the winning selections were separated from other submissions by a fraction of a point.  

2023 Dean of Students, Residence Life, Health & Wellness, and related

The INSIPIRE Leadership Certificate (INSPIRE= INspired by Service, Purpose, Industry, Responsibility & Engagement)

Gabriel Pillay, Executive Director, Strategy and Planning, Dean of Students, Corpus Christi College & St. Marks College.

The INSPIRE Leadership certificate program goes beyond preparing students for their future careers and academic success. It also aims to develop skills and aptitudes that will help them set goals, find purpose, and commit to serving their community. The curriculum includes activities that identify and strengthen habits and attitudes crucial for personal leadership development. Students will also learn about the relationship between leadership and community involvement, exploring concepts such as philanthropy, volunteerism, civic responsibility, and social change. The program comprises four courses, all geared towards nurturing students' leadership potential.

2023 Student Activities, Leadership, Orientation, and related

Celebrating the Five Freedoms: Loyola Marymount University’s First Amendment Week

Tom Nelson, Director of Student Media, & Kevin O'Keeffe, Assistant Director of Student Media, Loyola Marymount University.

First Amendment Week (FAW) launched more than two decades ago with a few small events that celebrated the freedoms in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Today, the annual event is a widely anticipated university-wide collaboration — and most crucially, intimately connected to LMU's mission. Join us to discuss the importance of events such as FAW in an increasingly polarized world as well as explore ways you can bring a similar event to your campus (even on a tight budget!).

2023 Diversity, Inclusion, and related

“Listen with the Ear of Your Heart”: A Benedictine Approach to Interfaith Dialogue

Aaron Voth, Director of CSB Campus Ministry, Interim Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development,College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

This session will discuss the development and implementation of the Interfaith Leadership Team (ILT), a ministry of Campus Ministry at the College of Saint Benedict, which programs around religious diversity and interfaith dialogue. Learn how the program came about, the stages of its development, and the lessons we have learned along the way.


2022 Dean of Students, Residence Life, Health & Wellness, and related


2022 Student Activities, Leadership, Orientation, and related


2022 Diversity, Inclusion, and related


2019 Dean of Students, Residence Life, Health & Wellness, and related


2019 Student Activities, Leadership, Orientation, and related


2019 Diversity, Inclusion, and related


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