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 Subject : University of Notre Dame - Assistant Director of Community Standards.. 07/15/2022 04:33:59 PM 
Arianne St. Aubin
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The University of Notre Dame is accepting applications through July 31st for our Assistant Director of Community Standards position within the Office of Community Standards!

For more details and to apply:

The Assistant Director of Community Standards is responsible for implementing an education-based approach to student conduct and community responsibilities, rooted in the Catholic Holy Cross tradition that applies to all students at the University including undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The position is integrally involved with all aspects of the Office of Community Standards, including the education on University’s Standards of Conduct, managing the process for those who allegedly violate the standards, and assigning outcomes to students found responsible for violations. The Assistant Director must possess the ability to work collaboratively across the University and be comfortable with the potentially high profile nature of both the University and its students. This position requires student outreach and direct contact outside the office through educational engagement activities and supporting University events (including weekend and evening commitments) to provide for a holistic approach to student development.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Student Conduct Administration: Adjudicate matters of student conduct through prescribed University policies and procedures while also using professional discretion within the framework of a student development model to apply theory to practice and create outcomes that balance the needs of the individual student and the community; Coordinate with Rectors and other University administrators to craft individually-based, formative outcomes for students who have violated University policies; Provide advice and guidance to faculty and staff facing complex issues of student behavior and determining the most appropriate approach within prescribed University policies; Serve as a University Conduct Officer on Hearing Panels, including the most serious student policy violations; Analyze information presented through the University Conduct Process and make decisions on outcomes which could include permanent dismissal from the University; Serve as a resource to parents, faculty, and staff for students participating in the conduct process; Manage workflow for conduct cases using Maxient software system.

2. Workshops and Presentations: Lead the office’s initiative to coordinate and facilitate formative workshops (to be used as outcomes from conduct meetings) based on student development theory; Train student affairs administrators (directors, associate directors, assistant directors and program coordinators) to serve as University Conduct Officers; Coordinate information sessions with various University departments, to familiarize faculty, staff, and coaches, with University Standards of Conduct, policies, and processes.

3. Student Outreach: Maintain a presence on campus through a variety of direct student outreach to develop relationships with the student body and articulate the University’s standards of conduct; Advise at least one University-recognized student club or organization; Staff the public safety office during home football games; Participate in orientation activities for new and transfer students; Provide staffing support to campus events sponsored by other departments within the Division of Student Affairs.

4. Resource Publications: Assist with maintaining content for University’s student handbook, duLac: A Guide to Student Life, to ensure accurate and most up to date campus information and applicable university student policies and resources; Develop content for the Office of Community Standards website (

5. Policy Administration and Research: Stay informed of national trends, legal findings, and professional best practices through active involvement in the Association for Student Conduct Administration and through reading of pertinent higher education news; Share resources with colleagues within the University, including Student Affairs senior leadership, General Counsel, and University Conduct Officers; Participate actively in reviews of student conduct processes, procedures, and policies with Rectors and other University administrators; Develop relationships with colleagues at peer universities to engage in ongoing benchmark research of conduct-related topics.

6. Assessment: Serve an integral role in the development and implementation of an assessment plan for the office and the University Conduct Process; Assist with data collection and analyzation; Write executive summaries and draft reports for review by other staff.
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