How to Become a Member

Institutional Membership Details

Annual membership dues are based on FTE:

  • $100 less than 1000 FTE students
  • $150 1000 to 2500 FTE students
  • $200 more than 2500 FTE students

The membership term is October 1 - September 30.

Institutional membership is coordinated through the Senior Student Affairs Officer.  Registration information are emailed to the SSAO on or around September 15th each year.

Institutional membership entitles a Catholic College or University* to register the members of its student affairs staff as a group for one fee.  All registered staff members receive the ASACCU members' discount for conference registration and are entitled to participate in "members only" activities on this website.

To become an ASACCU institutional member, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the online membership form by clicking here..
  2. If you are a new institutional member, you will be prompted (a pop up form) to complete your username and password.
  3. Complete the Institutional Membership form with annual dues information and submit.
  1. Continue with the online Payment Process using our secure online payment process OR
  2. Print the online membership Confirmation Summary Page
    (Right click on the Summary Page and choose print)
  3. Mail the form and your payment to address shown below.

    Make check payable to: ASACCU

    Mail check to:     c/o Kathleen Byrnes
                                 Associate Vice President for Student Life
                                 Villanova University
                                 800 Lancaster Avenue
                                 Villanova, PA 19085

For more information about membership please email Kathleen Byrnes

*as contained in the Official Catholic Directory ®