2020 Mission Integration Award Winners

Congratulations to the Mission Integration Award Winners!

The Association for Student Affairs at Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASACCU) is pleased to announce the winners of its annual awards for mission integration for 2020.  The awards, which have been recognized annually for the past nine years, recognize excellence in student affairs programming that integrate Catholic identify and mission.  Submissions were judged on six criteria. including demonstration of at least one of ASACCU's Principles of Good Practice.  

In the category of Residence Life, Dean of Students, and related
Providence College’s program titled:
“Enhancing our Hall Identities through the Saints and Hall Chaplains”. In existence since 2018, the program utilizes the presence of residence hall Chaplains to introduce residents to the lives of the saints and to inspire students to grow into their own faith and values. Judges found the program to be particular effective in establishing curricular and co-curricular learning outcomes and linking these to mission and identity.

In the category of Student Activities, Leadership, Orientation and related DePaul University’s program titled: “Meet Me at Mission: Vincentian Heritage Initiative”. In its fifth year this leadership development initiative is based on the four pillars of Vincentian mission.  These pillars inform events, workshops and leadership trainings led by students with staff support.  Judges found this to be an empowering and comprehensive leadership initiative and one that showed a strong relationship to shared mission. The program was also seen as a particularly strong representation of ASACCU’s best practice centering on the discernment of vocation.

 In the category of Diversity and Inclusion and related Villanova University’s program titled: “On another LEVEL: Providing Students with Disabilities a Seat at the Table”. Since 2011, the student organization at Villanova, LEVEL has sought to transform the experience of students with disabilities from one of segregation to one of inclusion.  The submission provided clear evidence that the program has allowed Villanova’s Office of Disability Support Services (ODS) to enhance and expand the sense of community on campus.  This program was seen by judges as creating a dynamic, collaborative program for an underserved student group.